Robot competition

SMARTRob EPFL mobile robot contest

The EPFL robot contest has been initiated by Prof. Jean-Daniel Nicoud in 1991. Since then, every year, the robot competition helps students to make a very motivating project together, learning how to manage a project and obtain concrete results based on their know-how.

An Event

First of all, the robot competition is a fantastic event taking place every year with the participation of students, their friends, families and external visitors. Even if the goal is not to make a spectacular event, IT IS spectacular because of the motivation of the students, the incredible solutions they generate and the support of their friends and families.

Here are some pictures of the event, in its version of 2006:


An engineering experience

Behind the event there is a long preparation. This work is the real added value of the robotic contest, bringing a lot of know-how to the students. The need for project management, coordination, technical and theorical skills, all applied to a motivating project, all this is extremly valuable for students who are in the transition between theorical learning and real engineering life.


Here are the links to the homepage of the contest: