SAFROS Project

SAFROS- SAFety in RObotic Surgery

SAFROS is a European project that led to a consortium composed of miscellaneous academic and private companies. This project aims at increasing safety in robotics surgery through the development of technologies and robust safety procedures to assist the surgeon.

SAFROS focuses on the development of several new technologies such as:


1.      Soft organ modeling and calibration

2.      Real time 3D imaging display

3.      Surgical planning

4.      Surgery simulation

5.      Surgeons training

6.      Development of the surgeon interface with haptic feedback and stereovision


Two different surgeries have been chosen to be improved by robotics surgery via the MIRO surgical robot (DLR, German Aerospace Center) controlled by two Omega.7 haptic devices with force feedback (Force Dimension).




Figure 1: MIRO robot developed by DLR (German Aerospace Center)[1]






Figure 2: Omega 7 device developed by Force Dimension[2]



Our main role consists of defining and implementing the operator interface technical and safety specifications:


  1. Study of surgical tasks and surgical interface definition
  2. Surgical interface examination
  3. Task dependant perception limits
  4. Telepresence
  5. Surgical interface control
  6. Surgical interface safety control and fault tolerance
  7. Holographic image construction