Colonoscopy Project

Colonoscopy Simulator

Colonoscopy is a surgical procedure where the colon of a patient is examined with an endoscope. To address the need for higher fidelity and complexity in a colonoscopy simulator, we have designed a new haptic interface and instrumented a clinical colonoscope in order to integrate it with the software simulation for colonoscopy developed at CSIRO. Patent-pending design has been licensed to Surgical Science Sweden for commercialization. Links:


 Haptic Interface
– 2-DOF force feedback device
– Decoupled force feedback in linear and rotational DOFs
– Combined electrical motors and passive brakes to cover a large range of forces
– Max force & torque: 100 N and 500 mNm
– Unlimited workspace


Controller Card
– Embeded electronics providing compact and robust control solution
– Interfaced to a PC via USB, allowing transmission at haptic rates with a plug-and-play solution

Instrumented Endoscope
– Provides tracking of the bending section displacement by means of optical encoders
– No external modification to preserve the ergonomics

Virtual Reality
– Realistic models of the colon and surrounding organs

– GPU for real-time visualization