Below is a list of former members of the VRAI group.

After clicking on some of the picture you can see brief summary of their careers and scientific input to activities of the  group.

If you are on the list below you can access the alumni contact list (here). For further information please contact the webmaster.


First name


  Steve Burion
  François Conti
  Benoît Dagon
  Lorenzo Flückinger
  Terry Fong
  Sebastien Grange
  Didier Guzzoni
  Maurice Hälg
  Patrick Helmer
  Gaëtan Marti
  Patrice Rouiller
  Marie Bergé
  Nathalie Borgognon
  Christophe Bregand
  Alexandre Brocard
  Beat Brühwiler
  Stéphane Dewarrat
  Sébastien Dey
  Daniel Dörig
  Mattias Felber
  Patrick Galley
  Oliver Georg
  Manu Hagmann
  Joël Leuenberger
  Gaëtan Marti
  Le Duy Quan Nguyen
  Micael Rochat
  Philippe Saavedra
  Michael Sirgist
  Joël Stadelmann
  Marc Weibel
Christian Wengert