Gaëtan Marti


Gaetan Marti received his Diploma in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in 1997.

From end 1999 to end 2001, he has co-found 2C3D, a start-up active in the field of computer assisted surgery. As a technical director, his work consisted in supervising the projects of the company (8 engineers for a total of 11 employees). He has also reinforced the team in the field of research and to manage industrial and medical partnerships.


He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Microengineering  at EPFL in the field of Computer Assisted Surgery.



Optical Tracking

Together with Atracsys Ltd the VRAI group is developing new tracking techniques. These techniques are suited to fit high end requirements such as high update rate, high spatial measurement accuracy without to compromise on size, weight and price. Within VRAI group, these techniques are used in fields such as computer assisted surgery (CAS), semi-active tool holder positioning, etc.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a bulge in the wall of an artery. It is estimated that 1.5 million Americans have AAA, though only approximately 200,000 are diagnosed each year. AAA’s are almost always caused due to arteriosclerosis. As plaque accumulates, the pressure of the blood flowing through the weakened section of the artery causes the artery to balloon, forming an aneurysm. If the aneurysm is not detected in time, the weakened aorta will rupture, often causing death.

Fast coarse-to-fine model-based elastic registration of medical data

This project presents a new approach for the non-rigid registration of medical data. The presented technique can also be applied for model-based segmentation.


Journal Articles

G. Marti; C. Baur; P. Zambelli : Optimal femoral head contour segmentation in CT images using dynamic programming; Technology Health Care.. 2004.

Conference Papers

G. Marti; V. Bettschart; J.-S. Billiard; C. Baur : Hybrid method for both calibration and registration of an endoscope with an active optical tracker. 2004.
G. Marti; P. Rouiller; S. Grange; C. Baur : Biopsy Navigator: A Smart Haptic Interface for Interventional Radiological Gestures. 2003.
N. Chauvin; G. Marti; K. Konolige : A Contour Method for Real-Time Range Imaging. 1998.
G. Marti : Stereo Vision for Mobile Robotics. 1997.


G. Marti : Modélisation d'organes et de tissus. 1996.

Student Projects

D. Dörig; G. Marti; M. Hälg; R. Clavel : Scanner 3D pour analyse d’empreintes de pieds ; 2007.
K. Drapel; G. Marti; M. Hälg; R. Clavel : Système simple d’aide à la pose d’aiguilles de biopsie ; 2006.


Conference Papers

G. Marti; P.-Y. Zambelli; C. Baur : Optimal Femoral Head Contour Segmentation in CT Images Using Dynamic Programming. 2003.
P.-Y. Zambelli; S. Dewarrat; C. Bregand; G. Marti; C. Baur et al. : Digital electro mechanical arm: An alternative to the classical opto-tracking system. 2003.
P.-Y. Zambelli; C. Bregand; S. Dewarrat; G. Marti; C. Baur et al. : Planning and navigation solution in resurfacing hip surgery: A way to reduce the surgical approach. 2003.
G. Marti; P.-Y. Zambelli; C. Baur : Optimal Femoral Head Contour Segmentation in CT Images Using Dynamic Programming. 2003.


J. Garcia; P. Malik; J. Kowal; G. Marti; I. Pappas et al. : Image-guided Surgical Microscope.
J. Garcia; G. Marti; I. Pappas; M. Caversaccio : Image-guided Surgical Microscope.
S. Sagbo; G. Marti; C. Di Ventuto; C. Vangenot; L. Nolte et al. : Design and implementation of deformation algorithms for computer assisted orthopedic surgery: application to virtual implant database and preliminary results.
G. Marti : Fast coarse-to-fine elastic registration of medical data.