Steve Burion


/webdav/site/vrai-group/users/127744/private/sburion.jpg2007 – Visiting Researcher at Stanford University USA in the Manipulation Group

2004 – Research Assistant at the EPFL VRAI-Group

2004 – Master in microengineering at the EPFL

2003 – Master thesis at the Robotics Institue of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA

1999 – Begin EPFL as a student in microengineering

1999 – Maturité Scientifique and Baccalauréat es Sciences at Gymnase de Beaulieu in Lausanne


Characterization of 3D Deformable Models

In the field of real time 3D simulation, deformable models are now more and more often used, especially in the medical field. Based on the skeleton representation for deformable objects, the goal of this project is to define a correct set of stiffness parameters in order that the physical simulated model behaves like the real one under variable force constraints. The strategy for the characterization is to apply different known external forces on the real object and to measure the resulting displacement. Then, based on these measurements and the model’s skeleton, a custom Bayesian filter algorithm is used to estimate the springs’ parameters according to the evolution of the model.

Computer Aided Laser Treatment of Hard Tissue: Laser Positioning System

We are developing a laser-based, non-contact cutting tool to perform osteotomy without mechanical stress and vibrations. With respect to conventional mechanical approaches, the laser method reduces procedure invasiveness while significantly increases cut accuracy and precision. Furthermore, the development of a positioning system will allow 3D cuts that are currently impossible with a saw.


Journal Articles

I. R. Nourbakhsh; K. Sycara; M. Koes; M. Yong; S. Burion : Human-Robot Teaming for Search and Rescue; IEEE Pervasive Computing. 2005. DOI : 10.1109/MPRV.2005.13.


S. Burion : Human detection for robotic urban search and rescue. 2004.


B. Dagon; S. Burion; C. Baur : Porte-outils semi-actif pour la pose de vis transarticulaires.
B. Dagon; S. Burion; C. Baur : Laser Positioning System.