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Title: Development of a 6-DOF force feedback interface for microsurgery

Academic year: 2011-2012

Candidate: Cédric Schwab

Professor: Reymond Clavel

Advisors: François Conti (Stanford University), Charles Baur (EPFL)


A novel haptic device for microsurgery, the Stanford u-Haptic Device, was recently developed for simulating micro surgical tasks in VR and for operating microscopic slave robots designed for minimal invasive surgery procedures.

This new device comprises 6 active degrees of freedom and is redundant in both actuation and sensing. The system uses a novel cable transmission to ground 6 of the actuators and yet maintain adequate stiffness. The design exploits the fact that the motors are grounded to select motors whose contribution to effective inertia is minimized. The resultant performance is an improvement in both backdriveability and scale-independent measures such as dynamic range and acceleration. A first prototype of this device bas been built and evaluated by surgeons who reported valuable feedback about its performance and usability.