Computer Aided Laser Treatment


We are developing a laser-based, non-contact cutting tool to perform osteotomy without mechanical stress and vibrations. With respect to conventional mechanical approaches, the laser method reduces procedure invasiveness while significantly increasing cut accuracy and precision. Furthermore, the development of a positioning system will allow 3D cuts that are currently impossible with a saw.

Project Goal

Our primary objective is to provide a surgeon with an instrument that enables him to apply a computer-assisted pre-operative plan to an intraoperative situation.
Our research focuses on two areas: (1) navigation and (2) mechanical positioning.
We are currently evaluating several semi-active and haptic systems that will help the surgeon to position the laser beam over the patient in an easy and accurate manner.

Application Field

Laser-based cutting will enable the use of bone fixation implants to be avoided. In addition, structural joints (dovetail, mitre, etc.) can be produced and assembled. Thus, this technology offers substantial potential for improving maxillofacial and ENT surgery.


  • Hightech – Forschung – Zentrum Basel, Division of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Department of Reconstructive Surgery, University Hospital Basel
  • caesar, Center for Advanced European Studies and Research
  • Inselspital Bern / University of Bern
  • memstb, Institute for Surgical Technology & Biomechanics