Soft Tissue Modeling


Virtual reality based simulations of surgery have shown promise in assisting surgical training, surgical planning, pre-operative rehearsal, and intra-operative execution. Development of an effective virtual environment requires real-time interactivity and realistic visualization.

Simulating deformable organs can be heavy duty for a computer. This project presents an original method to allow real time deformation of complex virtual objects. The technique consists of creating much simpler models using filling spheres and 3 dimensional elastic links.

Spheres symbolize volume and mass while links connect these entities together to create complex skeletons. Links have elastic and damping properties, which can be parameterized in conjunction with the physical properties of the real object.

Simulating heart beats or blood pulsing though arteries can be rendered in real time simply by pulsing the radius of the spheres or by contracting elastic links. These behaviors were presented in the movies.


This project is one module of the activities lead by the EPFL-VRAI group within the PNR Co-Me project. This project is a joint effort with the Stanford Robotics Lab.