Miniature Mobile Robots

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Self-Assembling Mobile Robots

Self-assembling is an interesting feature that enables to create dynamic configuration depending on the task.
>> more on the swarm-bots project page

Inspection Mobile Robots

Miniature mobile robots are an excellent tool for inspection of complex structure, where man cannot easely access.
>> more here very soon

Animal-Robot Interaction

Robots can influence animal societies if well integrated in them.
>> more on the Leurre project page

Collective Vision

Collective vision opens new perspective in distributed perception of the environment. We mainly work on the mechatronic implementation and some algorithms of data fusion.
>> more here soon

Desktop Mobile Robots in Education

Mobile robots are a very motivating system for education. The e-puck robot is the educational robot we developed in collaboration with other labs at EPFL.
>> more on the e-puck project page

Mobile Robots for Edutainment

Kids are attracted by mobile robots. Using them, kids can learn a lot about technology and physics.
>> more here soon